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As a Bene dad i can only say thanks to all the great people who are putting in their time to help out these young MOB. One graduated and still playing football in college, one incoming freshman playing ball and a third on his way in a couple of years. My wife and i could keep them on the west side but we choose to send them (60 miles per day) to Bene because of the great tradition, fine academics and great men coaching them in all sports. Football, basketball, wrestling, laCrosse and on and on. I personally am indebted to you gentlemen for your passion and hard work. But most of all for caring for the boys. My oldest played on the '14 squad and wears that ring proudly. He's close to all his buddies from that team. Those memories are priceless. I asked him about his college team and how it felt in comparison to Bene. He said, "dad this is a job but Bene was my love, I'd have died on that field for that school." That's because of all you great guys coaching. Thanks for what you do everyday and for making a difference in my sons lives. Just an opinion from one dad.
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