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Posted by TBone 22 on another thread and I think it would be a good conversation leading into the season>

I think it's time for a change at Benedictine. Flat white helmets, chrome decals, navy blue jersey's with columbia blue lettering. White pants with over size navy blue and columbia blue striping. Away jersey's would look good with Columbia blue pants with white & navy large stripes. White Jersey's with columbia blue lettering.

I too think an update to the uni in a year or so as something for the school to consider yet I would not go as deep as TBone.

Helmets: The Benny helmet has a long history and is one of the best in Ohio so I would not go as deep. While the flat white update works and can easily be changed once it goes out of style the chrome decal is a little too much for such a traditional unique logo that is probably one of the most iconic in NEO. Maybe over size the logo like it was in the '60s.

Home Unis: The school color is Light Blue and I would keep the home uni with a Light Blue base. If they had the $s I would introduce a navy alternative look but that would be for only a one off game a season. I would keep updating it with the in style looks/trims as in the past they have had Northwestern striping, UCLA style striping, full name on the front, etc... They can always use a cool UNC look for inspiration. As for pants the solid white look is the thing right now and helps save $s so I would just keep that look going, if anything maybe drop a small version of the logo onto the top hip of the pant.

Away: To me this is also an iconic look for Benny and as long as I remember they have always used the all white look with never a colored pant, I think they should keep this look.

One over all update I would consider is names on the back of the jerseys. I know the old timers may not like the idea but the players would love it and it would make the program different from others in the area. Also getting the name plate as a Senior would be a cool send of tradition.
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