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Originally Posted by The Game View Post
Back to the upcoming won't be too much longer. Any thoughts on the offense? With Majors still running the offense, do you think it will be similar to last year's? Along with the defense, hopefully Rosfeld is bringing some fresh ideas to the offensive side of the ball too. I know just about everyone is running the spread these days, but I would love to see some QB under center every now and then to change things up. I can't stand it when it's 4th and inches and the quarterback lines up five yards back to get the shotgun snap only to get hit for a negative play. Let's get the under center qb sneak back in the playbook! I I am excited to see this team play this year....go Big Moe!
From what I've seen watching workouts the team still appears to be running a spread style offense. Expect the QB to run a lot. McKenzie actually looks really good running the ball but the Caudill kid has some really good speed and I'd probably say he's faster than Mitch. It will be interesting to see how much speed is a factor in who will be lined up behind the center for the Crusaders this season.
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