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Originally Posted by JBaller View Post
This all comes down to what tempo the game is played at. PC is the team with superior talent but Moeller plays much better defense. Fast tempos always favor the team with superior talent (more possessions = larger sample = more likely for better team to win). I think the break even for this game is 50. Moeller will try to slow it way down and they will clog the lane on defense with pack-line principles. If PC can pop some 3s and then force Moeller to play from behind, then I think they stand a good chance of getting out and running and pulling away. In the 30s (see regional final) or 40s favors Moeller. 50s or 60s favors PC. If either team scores 70, I would be stunned and it would mean that PC won in a blowout (note that Moeller hasn't score 70 all year).
Excellent analysis! I agree 100%.
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