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Destroyed what? Life is good. Seriously no complaints . My property values are up , portfolio not doing badly , kids are doing very well .

I just don't think Trump is responsible for this personal stuff that is going well is all . Destroyed me ? Not quite . I have strong opinions that are backed by some facts , not mostly some weird unsubstantiated conspiracy theory's.

I hate that this guy represents the Country in relations with the world. I think it's embarrassing. And his outlandish conspiracy theory's used to away public opinion of the gullible and his attacks on institutions merely to try to save himself from responsibility that erodes the country's confidence in our top level of law enforcement is disgraceful . It is the work of a truly amoral man who only really cares about himself .

I mean a small recent example is making Memorial Day about himself and a opportunity to make some kind of victory lap . You think this is normal ?