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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
“Victim of the biggest witch hunt and spy gate scandal in United States history. “ Victim “ of the deep state made up of highly decorated and respected professionals who have an irrational hatred of me and are willing to risk their reputations and comitt crimes just to hurt me.

“ Poor “ Victim” of a media that is 100 percent dishonesty and won’t give me “ a poor victim”
Credit for taking this country from the depths of despair “ American Carnage”
And for rescuing the cities from the cesspools that they were just a year ago.

“ Victim of awful stupid people who can’t see my appeal and greatness and how I am rescuing the forgotten women and men of rural America and the Deep South and all over this great country aside from California and my native Northeast.

Biggest personal victim of bad people in the most segements of society ever recorded in American history.
Hairy duhuuude, does every post have to be about the Trumpster? Get a life
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