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How did this thread turn into another chew and spit out a high school coach slamfest?

Have any of you ever stop to consider that some high school coaches, if not most, work outside the school system with real jobs and cannot make college signing day at 2pm in the afternoon in the middle of the week?

For years on end I have seen in local newspapers, pictures with no coaches present for sports of all kinds. What does a coach not being in a pictures have to do with not supporting a kid? How about the hundreds of hours of practice and games that coach put in to get the kid to that point? That day is for mom and dad and the athlete. And I guarantee they understand the coach not being able to make it. It's not a deal breaker for the coaches relationship with the athlete. Hooray for the summer ball coach who made it, big deal. The only reason they do is to take all the credit they crave to give their organizations another pat on the back, a meme, selfie, or # tweet.

Let's stop driving the wedge into the divide between summer ball and high school coaching and which is better. There is not analytical, statistical or cyber world proof one is better than the other. Just let the kids play baseball and let them get the help from whatever source they can to help them move on to the next level..who cares where it came from.