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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
I can only think of a rare few players with Coach K who's had any issues, and I don't know if you're counting Kyrie or not, because I'm not? I just don't see the UK players the same way. One the entrance requirements are much less at UK, many of their players (one and dones) don't even go to class the year they are in college. Cal flaunts this culture and is only concerned with getting them pro contracts. The few that make it, fine, but what about the others?
What in my post could have possibly given you the idea I was talking about Kyrie? One, so what? Duke is one of the better schools. It's not like UK is community college entrance standards, you don't know that. He really doesn't. He recruits the best possible talent, which is what basketball coaches are supposed to do. The others get their education paid for then go and find a job or play overseas.
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