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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
Level headed??? Debatable. DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall has had his issues, I'll admit I don't like what Cal does. He de-emphasizes the value of a college education. Yes, he has an Anthony Davis and some other can't miss guys, but what about the other guys that are one or two and done who never make it?
Also, what this culture does is take the AAU prima donna's and just feeds their egos. Then they go to the NBA and guess what? No one has ever come down on this kid. They always make the rules. They get to the highest level and EVERYONE is good. They don't make it?? I applaud the Suns GM who says Bledsoe, you're not playing for us anymore.
I never gave Bledsoe a second thought, but if 14red doesnít like him, Iím now a fan. Hope he lands somewhere great and makes a playoff run.
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