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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
I'm pretty sure the "culture" in Durham NC is much different than Lexington. Cal boldly and proudly tells anyone and everyone that he's creating NBA basketball players. I'd like him spend at least a little time having these kids grow up to not be prima donnas. A man in Cal's position with all he's seen should be a really positive thing to all these kids.
What decent franchise would want a guy like Bledsoe? He's a headache. Look at Rajon Rondo, same case. These guys that think they are bigger than the team end up going nowhere.
Rondo didn't play under Cal.

He has had a positive impact on his players, no one can deny that. K has pretty much adopted Cal's philosophy on the one and done. In fact every top basketball program has.

Id say his players have been pretty level headed while at UK. Have stayed out of trouble with the law, very few off court issues at all during his time, including those that go to the pros. You just have a bias against Cal and said something stupid and are doubling down on it.

Yeah he's boldly stating he is getting people to the NBA. That's his job, to do what's best for his athletes. When you look at a guy like Dejuan Wagner who wanted to come back to school and he convinces him to go pro, instead of reaping the benefits of having for multiple years, that's is putting his players first. Had he stayed all four years kid never would have had an NBA contract.

Heck just look how he recruits. He guarantees nothing except you will work hard and he will do what's best for you. How many coaches would have told Anthony Davis or any top recruit there is no guaranteed starting spot or even playing time. He does a fabulous job setting them up for the future.

But haters gonna hate
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