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Originally Posted by sehs View Post
Random question but I figured the football thread gets the most views but does anyone remember Ed's or Ignatius dominating the rivalry in most sports like the Wildcats have beaten the Eagles this year?

Twice in football, I believe 4x in hockey, twice in basketball, soccer and the rest of the sports I believe outside of wrestling were all Wildcat wins. Odd year or are people worried? Flan had not lost to Ignatius in a playoff game ever until last year. I believe last year was also the first time Ignatius had beaten Ed's in a hockey playoff game too. Soccer had begun to even out under Coach Dore' but really regressed lately and returned to yearly beat downs. Football was embarrassed at the stadium but really played their best game in the playoffs, still wonder what could have been if Kramer didn't break his leg.
Not to worry...The Eagles just whupped the Wildcats on the hardcourt, 69-50, to take the district title!!!
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