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Originally Posted by CatAlum View Post
One might conclude that your view is that IB is just a bunch of public relations BS.

FWIW...I KNOW that people who run academics and admissions at Ignatius think that Ed's has improved its academics. Until about 3-4 years ago, Ignatius never gave merit scholarships. They started after the admissions climate between the schools heated up. Doesn't mean Ed's has improved its academics but, the people down the road think you have.
sehs I couldn't agree with you more. And while CatAlum's response is, as always, well worded, don't let it back you into a corner.

Instead I offer that all private high schools, particularly those competing for students, are constantly looking to "improve their academics." I would certainly hope that my famed alma mater falls into that category. But I digress. Saint Edward has been challenging young men producing fine adults since nineteen hundred and forty nine.

As for knowing people who think this or talking to someone who knows and always has been a yawner. I know a guy who thinks Scottie Pippen is the best defensive player of all time while his brother argues that Chris Dudley deserves that title.
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