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Originally Posted by Kballer View Post
One thing I have learned over the years that everyone has their reasons and we can't always assume agendas. One kid who got blasted for transferring mid high school career a few years back had an absolutely legit reason for switching schools (note I didn't say switching teams) but people assumed it was a pushy sports parent. Sadly often parents do play school msuical chairs with their kids for sports reasons but it is not always the case So it isworth holding out judgement as we don't always know what is happening within a family.
Agreed--the Comets have definitely moved on with the boys who are there for the 17-18 season--and ironically the transfer student was seen at every home football game of the Comets, so he must still like his old classmates at Mason. Obviously being a starter from the get-go this season at Mason did not mean as much as switching schools and sitting out the initial 11 games--life goes on
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