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How did the "at large" qualifiers effect the state meet?

Now that the State Meet is a month behind us, most have had time to reflect on the effects of the two "at large" qualifiers in the running events. With a quick glance, only a few of these made a major impact on any events, and it was all positive from what I can tell. It appears that it was a successs for all the kids who earned those spots (they extended their season) and did not negativley effect any events. They seldom got the last place and I did not see any instances where the 2 "at large" qualifiers got the last two places in an event. Other things to consider: 1. the meet had more attendence so that means more t-shirt and concessions sales.
2. a few more schools were represented - I saw couple where the "at-large" qualifier was the only one from that school. that is good for the sport and those kids/school.
3. distance races where scratches took place, still had competitve fields through 8 places or more.
4. no event was "watered down" - in fact, many events were more competitive.

Now, if we continue with this, Ohio needs to do it for the field events for 2019. IMO it would be MORE beneficial for the field events and, no "at large" qulifier could disrupt (interference, change the tactacts) field events like they could on the track.
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