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Originally Posted by Sig Hansen View Post
Been fearing this for years, really sucks because it's a huge retail space that will probably never see another tenant move in. Would be nice the owners tear it down soon instead of letting it sit vacant for years and years. When Sears eventually dies for good, I hope someone picks up Craftsman tools. I still remember the Sears Hardware store next to Bigg's

I actually liked Sears but they stopped selling men's clothing for some reason. Haven't been there since
I think that spot will be filled considering it's in such a prominent location. We'll probably see another what I call "westside shuffle". A place like Hobbby Lobby could take up two of the floors or the Dillard's outlet store could move in.

I still say it was a big mistake to build Glenway Crossing and the surrounding area after the rail yard moved out. It would have been the perfect spot to put in new housing. Now we have a glut of commercial space that is only going to get worse as more people shop online.

Sears has been my family's store of choice for decades, especially once all of the local store were gone, so I'm sad to see it go as well. The Western Hills location still sells men's cloths, so I'm not sure what happened the last time you were there. The selection certainly isn't that great thought, aside from jeans and the Land's End stuff. On any other item, we'd try to give Sears our business before anyone else considering we knew had bad off they were. I even bought a mattress from them a couple years ago. I'm surprised it held on this long, so maybe all of that shopping we did there paid off lol!
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