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Originally Posted by trey2k View Post
Completely agree. It's also a misunderstanding of the game to assume players who have 1:1 skills make the game like AAU. Nobody is calling for a free for all. But 1:1 skills are definitely an important aspect of the overall skills of a player. Sets break down, and good players improvise. It has nothing to do with AAU style of play.

Having a shot clock would dictate kids actually learn some of the skills, as they will SOMETIMES be needed at the end of a shot clock.

Having 1:1 skills doesn't mean you can't play team, structured basketball. It's simply another skill set as a ball player to be more well-rounded. SO MANY players are nothing but "specialists" and have very little actual basketball skill.
I did a little more digging and found that the most recent statistical analysis of states with the clock versus states without the clock shows that states without the clock average 3 points more per game than states with the clock. (a 2013-2014 survey versus the 2008 survey I cited prior)

If the clock is good for the overall game (entertainment), why is scoring down in those states?
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