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Originally Posted by J.R. Swish View Post
As it is most possessions in a high school game take way less than 35 seconds as a shot or turnover occurs before then. The shot clock simply takes away the stall ball option at the end of quarters or games when one team has a lead and a good delay game. As far as defense, this should actually allow for improved defense as coaches can urge their guys to dig in for 35 seconds max as long as no offensive rebound. A half court team still has plenty of time to set up their offense and run 25-30 seconds of offense before shooting. College teams like Virginia and Wisconsin do this very effectively with a shot clock in the college game....Virginia held North Carolina under 50 one game last year.
College isn't high school. Especially at the D1 level where everyone is an exceptional talent. 98% of the kids playing in high school will never play another truly competitive game again.

Because it works in college is not a reason to force it upon high school kids.
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