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Originally Posted by trey2k View Post
How does a shot clock take away from teams playing good defense? That makes zero sense.

I see how it can. Say you're a team like Trotwood from last year. You can score pretty much at will on people. You're playing a team that simply can't match your offensive output. You know they have to take a shot within 35-40 seconds each possession and not be able to hold the ball and limit possessions.

So Trotwood (or some other high output offensive team) doesn't feel they need to play that great of defense as they are confident the other team won't be able to score enough to keep up even if they have their best night. Do you play good, solid defense anyway or play for the rebound & fast break opportunity knowing that is your advantage?

Slowing the game down forces the high powered team to play aggressive defense to create the turnovers to get the points. With a shot clock they can just sit back on wait for them to take a shot to create the turnover for them.

As I said before....I like to see the mismatches like this especially in the tournament. Holding the ball effectively is not an easy thing to do especially if you aren't used to doing this.
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