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Originally Posted by St.X fan2 View Post
The Catholic Church saves the government billions of dollars according to the figures that I have heard by operating schools all across the country. If every Catholic school closed think of all the kids from Catholic schools that would then be going to public schools. The number of new students attending the publics if this happened would be gigantic and many more schools would need to be built across the country, many more teachers hired, and many books would need to be ordered. These costs would be extraordinary also taking into account with more buildings that would mean more money to maintain all of these additional buildings. The parish I am at has 580 kids in K-8 and it is doing well. However, I realize that some schools are struggling and having difficulties making ends meet for a lot of reasons. There are good public schools which some Catholic parents send their kids to in order to save money or because they can't afford the local Catholic school. Also, our secular society does not encourage religion and is even hostile towards it in some regards. Some Christians have lost their faith and no longer come to church or send their kids to Catholic schools because they have fallen into the ways of our secular society that views religion as unnecessary or superstitious. The Catholic Church needs to do better at evangelization.
I'd be curious to see those estimates and what information they're based on. Unfortunately, despite a few notable outliers that in many cases are actually taking large sums of government money to provide education, most Catholic schools are not really taking students with anything more than mild special needs, therefore not taking on the most costly or most difficult to educate students.

Another factor that no one has brought up, but that I have read about, is the expansion of charter schools nationwide. In many ways, charter schools are similar in offering just about everything that urban Catholic schools have traditionally offered to low-income students, except of course the religious component. Jersey City has about a dozen charter schools.
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