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Originally Posted by eastisbest View Post
Disagree, it's not chicken and eggs cjb. These aren't clubhouses. Christ didn't say, "Hey, there's a bunch of Catholics in Jersey, let's build a "Church" and some schools and give it to those people. The people belong to the Church, not the other way around. If they are still calling themselves "Catholic," their job is to leave those resources where they do the work. They can drive back to it. They can build new. But first priority is to keep the original, viable. Their job is to create the need. If they don't, then they have "failed." JMHO.

I think your reasoning forgets where "Catholics" come from. They're not born from the womb. God's Church fullfills it's mission by building resources where there are no Christians. This is not in dispute is it? If the Church builds in an impovershed Amazon village, it seems normal. But the idea that churches and schools should be built in the US where there are few or no (longer) Catholics seems anathema. To ME, it appears that the idea of "winning" at any costs has outweighed for many, the purpose of the Church.
Is the Church failing worldwide? No. It is as large as ever, with a lot of growth in Africa and Asia, due to missionary work in previously non-Catholic/Christian areas.

Is it failing in Europe and America? Yes, but organized religion has always done best with a poorer populace who have little to cling to but their faith. As Europe and America become more wealthy and more socialized, organized religion participation has diminished in many sects. To that end, yes...the Church has failed to reach the faithful as the standard of living status of the faithful has risen. Some believe a lot of Vatican 2 and the ecumenical movement has not helped in many ways. I don't know the answer, unfortunately. I do know the Church continues its social work and educational mission within most inner-cities.

I'm not in the private vs public school war. I believe there is a place for all schools...good schools...but we need to get all parents and households involved in stressing a good, solid education for their kids. It starts in the home. I realize the challenges in some environments, inner-city and rural poor, present more challenges, but I'd like to think we can bridge the gap if we can get bright people with ideas and initiative together to not just problem solve...but to actually do something. Plus, we need more folks to step up in some of these communities and stress the importance of family, work, education. Not easy stuff, but fortunately there are many good private and public schools and educators doing their part to help.

Now, if you are talking mostly about recruiting abuses at some private schools...some Catholic schools...yes, I believe some of them do abuse the system as it is set up. Some publics do, as well. I'm more of a school choice guy, so I'm in favor of parents sending their kid to whatever school they wish, for whatever reason. I would hope that most reasons are sound, of course.
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