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Originally Posted by OhioHSBasketballFan View Post
We had 6 transfers this season. Only 4 got significant minutes. See my man Coach Jones at the podium yesterday? Tate on his left, Burge on his right. Both new this year, his two best players.

Motley at 6'8" is a great rim protector. How many schools can boast getting a 6'8" transfer their senior year? He made your tall white boy look weak.

Sanders, don't sell him short. He would start on every D4 team in Ohio.
This thread and this post created by you is dripping with smugness. If thats a word. But in reality probably all 4 teams at Canton regional would have beaten DSJ. Malvern missed a layup at buzzer which would have beaten LE in regional semi-final. If Warren JFK doesn't take 1st half off LE very well could have lost Regional final. Maybe DSJ is not very good. At Columbus you gotta bring your game. LE brought theirs. DSJ left theirs at home. I'm not a Lutheran East apologist but they did what was allowed in the rules. Maybe McDonald will see LE next year in the regionals, you better get some more transfers.
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