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6, not 4 transfers!

Originally Posted by king kong View Post
Wow, what a statement! Blame the team that was beat for not being good enough to keep it close so that they can complain how a small private in a metro area accepted 4 transfers. Please don't attack me saying St Johns is private as well, I know that, but they draw from a village of 4,000, not Cleveland!
We had 6 transfers this season. Only 4 got significant minutes. See my man Coach Jones at the podium yesterday? Tate on his left, Burge on his right. Both new this year, his two best players.

Motley at 6'8" is a great rim protector. How many schools can boast getting a 6'8" transfer their senior year? He made your tall white boy look weak.

Sanders, don't sell him short. He would start on every D4 team in Ohio.
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