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Originally Posted by Yappi View Post
I've been on the baseball side for years. My only experience with travel softball was a family member over 30 years ago, so I'm sure things are MUCH different now. Definitely way more teams.

The one thing that stood out is that you said the coach is a volunteer? That seems strange. In baseball, almost every coach at 14U and up that is not a parent is a paid coach. The time invested is far too great to be a volunteer. They get money for being a coach and their expenses paid for the out of town tournaments. Are you sure the coach isn't getting paid? A twelve month commitment from a volunteer would be incredible unless it's a parent. Even if it is a parent, that's still quite a commitment.
Only a few organizations are non parent with paid coaching.
The vast majority are volunteer coaches. Actually; my experience has been that the volunteer coaches are more committed than the paid coaches.

Now both paid and volunteer have walked away from a team mid year but it seems like it happens more with paid coaches as they are looking for bigger and better opportunities where as, the volunteer coach is more in it for the players and team. If a paid coach does not leave mid year a lot move from team to team or from one organization to another at years end.
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