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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
AHM , just stop posting here, you clearly can't comprehend anything that we are posting here . What's a stat child ? wasn't talking stats just the fact that it seems there are only a few programs that some think are worth talking about or are accomplishing things, High school in al activities including most importantly academic is preparing the kids for the FUTURE. The most important thing about high school is not wining some trophy state title or otherwise .

I wasn't putting a lot of stock in a scrimmage simpleton , this guy called them soft, he thinks programs that run the ball only are tough guys , I was only saying that the physical battles were pretty even between the " TOUGH guys{ DeSales } and the SOFT guys { Coffman} { His words not reality} .

Hartley doesn't want to play Coffman and Coffman doesn't want to play Hartley for different reasons . Coffman ahs the rival traditional community game vs Scioto who is D-2 they have a week one opponent that is also D-2 program{ Perrysburg} who has bene undefeated two of the last three years and has been a 8-2 program on average which is good but playing a d-4 is not smart even if Hartley isn't typical D-4 or a D-4 public who would not be competitive with a D-1 school like Hartley may be .

Hartley has started playing a few d-2 and d-1 teams , but won't agree to play the top few programs in CO just yet , as good as Hartley has gotten they aren't beating Coffman most years just yet anyway who knows may be more kids will be : couigh cough "have a friend tell them that they are guaranteed to play at least 14 games a year , that's a month more training than many other programs get.

They are the only catholic in their region , have a better football demo , more spped and talent , sho in to play to week 14 9 out of 10 years , so may be Hartley gets to a level where they can beat very good d-1 teams, right now they are good not that good just yet . Central Crossing was down , as was Kilbourne this past year in reference to recent seasons , they aren't scheduling the top 10 percent of D-1 .

This thread isn't for you AHM , you simply don't understand what is being talked about most of the time , start a Hartley thread
You are funny. I would like you. I know it. Im going to quit talking about Hartley. I just dont care about them. But Im smart enough not to poke holes at teams that actually win on the field, let alone actually win state championships. But Im done with them.

Lets talk Pick Central. They would be fine in playing Wayne if they had an open date. They run from no one, and thats probably why they win in the playoffs.

Ouch. Coffman in the playoffs is not always good. Look at recent trends. Losses by 42 points, 46 points, 21 points, 41 points (to Pick Central no less), Consistently giving up 40 points in the playoffs. Ouch. You guys are a mess. Quit talking about being good. You guys are big time pretenders. Big time. Facts dont lie. Not these at least.

Looking at Coffmans disasters in the playoffs I see why their coach has to cheat. I dont blame him. By the way Im trying to create a list of all of the other coaches in Columbus who have been disciplined by the OHSAA for cheating. So far I only have one name. Let me know if Im missing anyone.

When are you playing Jerome? It is interesting to see them build their program. That coach is now the best coach in Dublin. Hes a winner. Cant wait to see them play.
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