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Didn't really think you had any interest , that much is evident , this notion that Coffman should have a state title and they have this so called big talent advantage { How does a public school not named Wayne with a serious amount of attention to football with great demo's and no one really killing themselves in the classroom of course be expected to win a title and if they don't are a joke? the fact that they don't makes them losers, is laughable .

You need some breaks in match-ups and may be some breaks in the game to win some close games, most teams in D-1 don't have a title, scant few publics. Davidson winning a couple is huge for this region but it doesn't diminish the other CO programs or shouldn't anyway.

Coffman not winning it in 2007 does not diminish them , STX had more D-1 kids and overall talent than they had , FACT that was a great ST X team, I don't think it was a great Elder team Davidson beat at the end of the game on a long pass and prayer that was answered, , Coffman getting tackled in bounds deep in territory to lose a brutal game against the number 4 team in the country doesn't mean they are ac rap program and Davidson is perfect because they pulled out a couple of one point title wins vs fellow Public schools .

They got the hardware they get to crow, not sure why you crow and disparage . Winning a state title is a great accomplishment but hardly the only positive thing that a program can achieve .

I always hear fake tough guys like you and your kind call Coffman soft, hmm I don';t know but the real tough guys over at Davidson don't always win the physical battle against them , if soft wouldn't Davidson the real tough hombres just beat them up physically kin every game? Doesn't happen that way sometimes the soft guys win those battles somehow like almost 90 percent of them in week 11 last year , go figure

I watched the DeSales scrimmage , physically it was fairly even and DeSales does it right , Right/ Lift way harder run the bal most of the time a real man's version of the game , didn't see them physically beat up the so called Softies you speak of , again go figure
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