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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
What is your take on Hartley's 'RECENT " run of success ?
Outstanding flown-in from Cooke Rd leadership in the building to rescue it from the brink of imminent shutdown and total financial ruin. Capital t tradition. Phenomenally great coaching scouted into the building by knowledge about demos from a feeder school coach and recognition of obvious epic scale turnaround success up at CBurg that inspires average kids to perform waaaaay above average. Two crazed salesmen selling a truckload of turf to people who couldn't really afford it. Old school metal mixed with modern hiphop infused with Latin Hail Caesar power lifting to take strength to the next level. Underutilized talent already in the building that just wasn't interested in the handegg arts but could be inspired to take a ride on the rocket. WingT > Spread. Quick pulling whoze on whoze razzle dazzle. Brian White styled dark arts run every down Jacoby peewee voodoo. Rejoining the CCL and saying oh yes we can. Usual stuff. You wouldn't believe it without being here.
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