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Originally Posted by Neopolitan View Post
If men and women are supposedly equal, then there shouldn't be separate gender categories in any competition. Let the women compete with the men in athletics if there is truly no inherent advantage to being a man.

The reality is, women's divisions in things both physical and non-physical are designed to give them a chance to actually win. Stuff like chess, poker, etc. doesn't have a physical component, yet men dominate in those activities as well.Even the supposedly enlightened Academy Awards has separate categories for men & women.

It sucks for the high school girls, but ultimately I want more of this to happen. If half the country wants us to live in a fantasy land where men aren't, on average, better than women at things, then they need to be made to look ridiculous. If we get to a point where no biological women are winning athletic events at any level, that would be a great way to accomplish it and present clear evidence of how delusional their worldview is.
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