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Originally Posted by Arrogate View Post
Do you think chess and poker attract more males than women and that is potentially why they arent as succesful? Probably not the best example to use

Or do you think men are just smarter than women on average? That would be awesome if proven to be so. Could use that for trolling my wife.

There are biological differences in the brain between males and females so i would assume one side may have more "intelligence". A male's brain apparently is bigger in volume, not sure if that affects anything.
At the risk of being called a misogynist pig men in general have better spacial cognition then women which among other things allows them to dominate such areas as chess and theoretical physics. To be fair it's not so much "intelligence" as it's a superior ability to manipulate 3D movement in our heads using our full sensory suite. This is probably due to evolutionary forces resulting from the hundreds of thousands of years males dominated hunting/exploring activities. Women in contrast have been shown to have superior empathic skill sets including language expression & manipulation.

I'm sure I'll get raked over the coals for saying this and I've over simplified the field of thought on this topic but then again no one is really interested in discussing this rationally. So flame away!
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