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Are you the loud mouthed chanter of 'OVERRATED " may be the most obnoxious thing I have heard on any High School broadcast .

Look man I know that wasn't you most likely , but you are posting for the first time here , what's you reasons for disparaging Pickerington Central?

Top High schools in Illinois and Indiana for that matter are HUGE , MUCH BIGGER ON AVERAGE IN THE TOP DIVISIONS as Ohio enrollments . Are you saying that Illinois football is superior to Ohio pound for pound?

If so , you are wrong . I realize that the magnet school Phillips is smaller I am referring to the teams you say could shut out Phillips are probably the catholics and or the huge publics that dot the greater Chicago area. I would say Pick Central and the other top 3-4 Publics could hold their own against Illinois 's top publics no matter the size. Smaller school football ? Ohio mops floor with Illinois smaller programs