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I watched about 2 minutes of the US Open. Golf on TV does not make it for me.

As for Phil, heard a national sports talk show host, Bill Simonson, Saturday night on CBS Sports Radio, rip Phil like none of the regular talking heads would. He basically said Phil is about as 2 faced as they come. He'll smile and talk to national media when it benefits him, but off camera, he's a spoiled brat who could care less about people. Said most pro golfers fit into this category.

And imagine being Brooks Koepka today? He's won back to back US Opens and no one knows him, unless you're a die hard golf fan. The stories was Tiger, Phil and a couple other big names and after that, everyone else is crap.

But we should not be surprised this is how sports are covered now. Cover a couple of star names or popular teams and everyone else is crap.
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