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Originally Posted by Possessed View Post
There's water buried under Mars! We can't breath there, or take the temps, but I'm sure we can drink the water!

Again, fantasy bs so nerds can get gubment money to keep their jobs. Can't come up with a viable returning space vehicle, but we gonna go colonize Mars!

Step away from the comic books.
You are throwing up minutia in the face of progress. The issues you cite are minor when taken against the amazing technological advances humans have repeatedly shown they are capable of.

When John Kennedy committed the USA to beating the Soviet Union to the moon in 1961 there was only a hazy understanding of how the hell we would bring our astronauts back. Yet 8 years later we landed a man on the moon and brought him back.

Take a step further back in time to 1903 and watch in amazement how the Wright brothers managed to get a contraption into the air with powered flight that lasted less than a minute and traveled 851 feet! Yet only 66 years later we were landing men on the moon. The explosive nature of human innovation is extraordinary.

How about flying an American fighter over Germany in 1945 and being amazed at the new German jet fighter. It was like Buck Rogers to the American military (those damn comic books) yet 25 years later millions of people were flying all around the world on jet airliners.

Flash back to the Civil War and grab an artillery officer of the Union Army and then let him watch what the atom bomb did to Hiroshima. That's 82 years between the thousands of rounds of artillery used at the siege of Vicksburg and the leveling of an entire city with a single bomb.

My question is how could anyone doubt that the human race will not only explore the solar system but colonize it to.
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