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Originally Posted by Blue Jay Fan View Post
Is it normal for 4-5 really good basketball players to transfer in in one year? And then two more really good players from out of the US the next year? Where is this normal?
My point exactly. Simpson has AAU ties and has brought in guys from all over the state since he took the head coaching job. However, since the criticism is coming from an SJJ fan no one on this forum can be objective about it. I'm not even saying it's wrong, but to act like it's a coincidence that they all decided to move back to Lima when Simpson took the job is hilarious.

Also, interesting how the herd on this forum loves to criticize SJJ basketball for being a 'win at all costs' program. They have repeatedly shown over the last 8 years that they don't care if talented basketball players transfer away as underclassmen or if football guys with big time basketball talent don't play.

Originally Posted by cchs1983 View Post
Why are you afraid to answer IB'S question? It doesn't matter where these kids come from, Ottawa Hills, Bowling Green, Michigan, PBurg or Toledo, kids get redshirted at SJJ for the sole purpose of basketball success.
A kid taking a 'redshirt' year in junior high is not an act that exclusively happens at SJJ. It's been a trend that has been on the rise throughout the country in the last decade because many parents believe it increases the chance that their son or daughter will get a scholarship offer. In the last eight years, I can recall four SJJ players that have repeated a grade in the junior high. Only two of them did it via the academy. You're going to need more evidence than that to conclude that Ed is pressuring players to do that. It is 100% a decision that comes from the parents of an athlete.

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