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I drove for Uber for a few months after losing a job. It paid me more than unemployment and kept food on the table, but didn't cover much more than that. There is a lot of misinformation in that report. You can make a better than minimum wage living and avoid some tax liability at the same time depending on how good you are at bookkeeping. The most accurate line in the report is the average earning is probably $0.59 per mile and the IRS allows for $0.54 of that to be exempted. However, there are huge differences in how much the base rate is in different regions of the country. The higher pay rates are in cities like Boise, ID and Denver CO where there is not a saturation of drivers and the rates are lower in say Philadelphia and Washington DC where there are more drivers. The hours you are willing to work can make a difference too. In Nashville, you can make a good week's wage by driving from 10 PM to 3 AM Thursday through Sunday, because as the demand exceeds supply there are multipliers to the rate. Additionally, there are bonus payments for having to clean puke out of your backseat!
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