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Originally Posted by noego View Post
Situation: Bottom of the 7th inning home team has a runner on 3rd with 2 outs, I believe, in a 0-0 ball game. 3 balls and 1 strike on the batter. Pitcher is in the windup. (Just a note, this was a JV game. CG's by both pitchers, only 1 or two hits, but I digress)

Play: Pitcher starts his windup & runner from 3rd attempts to steal home. The pitch is low, batter swings at strike two (trust me I gasped when he swung at the pitch too with a runner barreling down the line). Now the next sequence of events all happened at the same time. The catcher reaches forward and fields strike 2 cleanly and moves to tag the runner that is sliding in at this time. The runner slides in feel first, as a result of the play he kicks the catchers glove off of his hand, but the ball remains in the glove. This action was not intentional, it just so happened that the ball was caught simultaneously as the runner was sliding in. Umpire originally called the runner safe and then changed his call to out.

Does anyone remember anything like this happening before and if so what would be the correct call?
Possession of the ball was not maintained, therefore the runner is safe.
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