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I watch this 2x this weekend at OAC GS qualifier at Oregon Clay. My son was running a arm with wraist and ran the kid over. Kid was on back for 10 seconds or more but couldn't get shoulder all the way down. So my started to lift his head and setup to make the shoulder go down and pin the kid. The ref stopped the match gave us 3 back points and gave other kid a penalty point. His reasoning was we can set up after running a bar over. I never heard of this or ever seen it called before. The kid wasn't crying, wasn't bent in bad shape, or arms/bent wrong. Look like normal bar. These are 11 and 12 year old kids. This ref called it very next match on different kid and didn't explain the penalty point to the other dad like he did me. Is this something new in rule books or has it been a old rule just not enforced by other refs.
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