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Interesting take on Copley's problems. First of all, only one of those 5 outfielders is really being missed, the CF. The other 3 seniors were basically role players, who had more than a few struggles of their own, other than the dh. No doubt losing their big 3 hurt alot, but most teams have to deal with graduation loses every year. What really hurt their projected lineup this season was the returning seniors decisions not to play their final year. Three of them would have been starters, plus the other 2 had pitching experience. The biggest loss being Austin Brenner. The boys decided that they needed to prepare for their college football and soccer seasons, rather than play baseball. This greatly reduced the projected depth, and forced inexperienced kids into starting roles, and jv talent into back up roles. Pitching is inexperienced, and lacking in depth and talent. Really don't see those issues getting much better next year, as very few of those pitchers play high level travel ball, and don't work thru the off season to get better.
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