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Originally Posted by ronnie mund View Post
It's funny that the same people that always get triggered and make a big stink about stuff like this(14Red specifically) are giving these people exactly what they want, and ensure that it will continue to be talked about into the future. I always go back to this, but I truly believe if people would have just ignored the whole NFL kneeling thing, it would have been over and done with in no time. Instead it got dragged out for an entire year.
Sorry ronnie, you're not paying attention. The groundswell of support for college athletes getting paid get more and more attention. Not because it makes sense, but because no one explains how college athletic departments work. Of course fanning the flames of this was the report last week were it listed the crazy amounts of money that some D1 coaches get, even in non-revenue sports of mid majors.
But honestly, if there was a journalist out there who really wants to squash some of this, just report not only what colleges get from the huge TV deals, but list the expenses of said programs and show that most operate in a deficit. Yes, Ohio State, Alabama, Texas, USC make money, but only a small percentage do, and they may a TON of money. But mostly, the bottom 60-70% of D1 programs break even or lose money.
You want the next "kneeling" thing? The NFL may consider not doing the national anthem before games. You have another issue of numbers of players kneeling during the anthem and the firestorm that goes with it, and I bet you won't see the anthem be played.
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