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Originally Posted by Spille View Post
Monk and Willis can fill it up from 3. Briscoe, while still not great, is a much better shooter than he was a year ago. A couple other guys are decent shooters but don't get much playing time are Hawkins and Mulder. Fox is an ok shooter, but he won't throw 3's up all day. He will just outrun everyone down the court and score in transition.
UK is facing the easiest part of their schedule and Willis is shooting 26.7% from 3. He had a career last year but is regressing to what he really is: a below average outside shooter.

Hawkins is shooting 10% from 3 in 17 minutes and is a career 21.1% 3pt shooter.

Monk is pretty good.

Birscoe is below average. If he continues to improve he may be average by the end of the year.

Fox is a god awful outside shooter.

Mulder is good.
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