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The Cats have a good amount of talent returning/coming up.

QB: JD Hall, SR
FB: Robert Tomko, JR
TB: Willie Mitchell, SR... Keyshawn Chism, SR... Adrian Brown, JR... Dylan Donnadio, JR
WR: Tommy Kopnicky, SR... Kevin Caldwell, SR... Keith Burnside, SR
TE: Brandon Serrano, JR
OT: Jake Vlosich, JR
OG: Brandon Kistler, SR... Marcel Walker, JR
C: Deckland Seckel, JR

Offensively, the only losses are Stefanski, Richards and Adams. Everyone else will be back and should only be better.
On the OL, maybe move Walker from LG over to LT and Seckel from C over to LG. Keep the right side as is with Vlosich at RT and Kistler at RG. And insert Lucente at C. The OL really struggled when Iarussi went down last year. With 4 starters returning, the OL can go from a weakness to a strength. They have the talent in the backfield to make another run at the playoffs, but it all starts with the OL. I'd really like the pass blocking to improve.
Serrano could have a breakout season at TE. Burnside might be better off playing H-back or fullback, similar to Deem's role in 2015. Caldwell started a couple games at the X when Adams was out and played a lot in 3 WR sets. Kopnicky was the #2 WR last year. I still think it'd be extremely counter productive to not play Hawkins at receiver, but we'll see what happens.
RB is probably the deepest position on the team. Unless he works hard on conditioning in the off-season, I think it'd be a good idea to limit Mitchell's carries... especially early in the season. Chism, Brown and Donnadio can definitely carry the load against Liberty, Jefferson, Campbell and Edgewood... and probably Niles. Save Mitchell for the tougher games and let him focus on defense.
Hall had an up and down season. He needs to cut back on the turnovers. Improved OL play would be a big help.

DE: Serrano
DT: none
LB: Mitchell... Burnside... Tomko
S: Brown
CB: Kopnicky... Ty Hawkins, JR

Defensively, the Cats are hit a little harder than they are on offense. But still have a solid group coming back. They lose 2 2 year starters at DT in Santana and Bloomberg. Adams was also a 2 year starter at safety. And 2 3 year starters at DE and LB in Calabrette and Richards. They still have 7 starters back on defense.
Serrano is the only one back on the DL. Kistler didn't play defense last year, but did play quite a bit at DE in 2016. Maybe he'll go back to the strong side 6 technique he played in 2016 and Serrano will flip sides to the back side 5 technique. Mitchell could also play some DE, too. I'm not sure who will take over inside on the DL.
The linebackers figure to be Mitchell and Tomko inside and Burnside outside. Burnside could play inside if Mitchell plays DE... and Donnadio or Chism could play OLB.
3/4 are back in the secondary. I like Hawkins better at FS than CB. Insert Durken at CB in his place and keep Brown at SS and Kopnicky at the opposite CB and that's a really strong secondary.

I really see a lot of potential in the offense. If the line can up their game from last year, the offense should have little trouble putting up points. Especially if they can make some big plays in the passing game to keep things balanced.
And the back 7 on defense should be solid. If Bayuk can figure out the DL and get penetration without blitzing so much, the defense could be on par with or better than the 2013 and 2016 defenses.

Half the schedule is really good... the other half, not so much. Crestview, Canfield, Poland, Hubbard and Lakeview all have a lot returning, and all except Hubbard made the playoffs last year.
Poland loses the most of those 5. Then Canfield. Crestview and Hubbard probably have the most returning.

Liberty loses almost everyone. Jefferson, Campbell and Edgewood are all pretty bad. Campbell does have some talent, but they have to find a new head coach and hire an entire coaching staff.
Niles is something of an unknown to me. They got the coach they wanted, and they have a lot coming back. But they weren't very good. How much of that was coaching?

That's all I have for now. I'm sure Spread can make any corrections if I got anything wrong.
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