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Originally Posted by Possessed View Post
Lots of problems there. "Slows down healing". Colon and other organs can resist the meds. Just not going to be feasible buddy. They say themselves it may make you healthier. However... if something does go wrong it's going to WAY wrong. And it doesn't say anu thing about age...only stopping diseases and those cells that happen commonly with age. Good luck with all that lol. Man has been trying to live forever for...well, forever.
Never say never. There is much we take for granted today that a smart person from 100 years ago would be astonished by and never would have thought possible.

Yes we have been trying to "live forever" and in fact we have extended our lifespans quite impressively in just the last couple of centuries. I don't think the real issue is going to be "technical" in boosting human longevity to two or even three centuries. We are well on our way with the science. The REAL issues will be societal and emotional. As just a start, we'll have to totally rework Social Security!
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