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Seems like a no-brainer for both teams. No way New Orleans gets a better offer than that.

I'm sure the argument against the trade for Boston would be mortgaging your future to win now, but Davis is only 24 years old. Kyrie is 25. Hayward is 27. Brown is 21.

Even if you think there's still no chance to beat the Warriors the next couple years(which I'd disagree with, a Davis/Kyrie pick and roll might as well be from a textbook of how to exploit GS) you have a 5 year title window with that core.

It only makes sense if you really think Tatum could be a top 15 player in the league. I don't see him having that kind of ceiling. I think he kind of is who is he going to be already, which is a highly efficient scorer with below average defense. The sort of guy you love to have on your team, but not a generational talent like Davis.
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