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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
Ha! Highly ironic. Coming from the guy that is unable to make a viable counterargument for anything I've said and who doesn't even know the name of the GM who is being discussed.

More to it than just LeBron on getting to the Finals? No it isn't. It's common knowledge in the NBA that a player enters their prime around 25-26. I suggest you look to see how old LeBron was in 2010-2011, the first season of his 7 year run to the Finals. More to it than LeBron in winning the Finals? Obviously, which is why it's possible for both of my statements to be true. Griffin much like Riley, another amazing GM, put them over the top by getting the right pieces around LeBron.
So put LeBron on the Suns and they would magically run through the Western Conference to the finals ... so if it is "common knowledge" that a player enters their prime around 25-26, how come the greatest player in the NBA history (MJ) could not lead his team to the finals until he was 28 years old? That seems odd or could it be you made up that age just to fit your argument?
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