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This is cocktail party psychiatry, but I think it was more ego than economics. On both sides. I wouldn't have been surprised if Griffin asked for more power, as well as more money. It's no secret Dan Gilbert is a pain in the arse to work for. With that in mind, maybe Griffin pointed to his track record and asked that he have more autonomy to run the team. Gilbert is the owner and he can be as meddlesome as he wants, but Griffin, as the architect of the championship team, felt he was within reason to ask Gilbert to dial it down. It just doesn't make any sense for Gilbert to jettison the guy over money. He is still paying Mike Brown, David Blatt and a few players no longer with the team, so money doesn't seem to be an issue. Maybe Gilbert thought Griffin was getting too much credit and wanted too much authority. Whatever the reason, it makes Gilbert look bad, in my eyes, and it can't sit well with the players that Gilbert once again refuses to extend a GM. So much for stability.
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