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THey hand out MAC championships at the JH level?

PW has, or had, youth football right? I know a few years ago some guys wanting to transition to flag football. If they do...then yeah I can see them being a little bit ahead in 7th/8th grade. I know CW JH coaches said when they played FR when they had youth football they could tell they were a little bit ahead early in the season. Issue is.......youth football many times runs kids off more than it gets more involved. POsitions don't transition well to other positions. Kids can get stuck playing spots they hate and quite. At least in baseball,basketball it doesn't matter what position you are playing you still get your time to shine when you are at bat, on the bases, the ball is hit to you, or you get the ball in hoops. Skills in those two sports transition over to all the other spots so when kids mature and transition into their true spots they don't have to learn a whole lot.

I know in CW they aren't necessarily infatuated at winning in JH. Their coaches play as many kids as possible and oftentimes that means playing quite a few kids who just don't have the talent.

At the last State title welcoming home Coach Otten thanked the JH coaches for one important thing. It wasn't for winning. It wasn't for what they taught.

It was for keeping as many players engaged and interested in the program so when they get to HS he has a full slate of kids to fill the positions. Run kids off too soon in football and you have a big numbers problem in HS.
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