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Originally Posted by OCLWarrior View Post
I don't know where you got that figure of 14 kids total for JH. I looked it up today, they had 13 for 7th and 11 for 8th. The sophomore class were MAC champs for 7th and 8th grades. The one thing that puzzles me as I looked at the trophy cases at Parkway. They have MAC championships at the junior high level but it does not translate into any real success at the high school level four years later, except for girls softball. They need to get a coach from a successful program who was either a head coach or assistant. Hell, if they hired a successful college player who wanted to coach, they might be better off. If and this is a big if they get a good coach, they need hang on to him and promise him the world in order for him to stay long term. Softball is successful because Esselstein has been there forever and Parkway is one of the few MAC schools to have a JH program. They also need to schedule non-conference schools that they have a chance of beating. How many teams do they play every year that make the playoffs? I thought I read some where that Parkway had one of the toughest schedules in the state for their division. It's like playing "Murders Row" every year. It's a catch 22, you can't get more kids to play unless you successful and if you are losing, no one wants to play for a loser.
That's what I counted in the program. As for the rest of your post I pretty much agree