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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
Big difference that you are too obtuse to see, you ADDED NOTHING to the discussion, just trolled, I posted FACTS , raw numbers that show the competitive imbalance of having ONE Catholic city program in a region with small farming communities and the results that predictably follow which is more than not very easy no heavy lifting wins and almost a direct entry into the state semifinals EVERY YEAR .

Big difference in quality of posts, you say nothing and add nothing except that weak pot shot post that was the work of a dimwitted poster with nothing real to post . And that Big &^^ cat poster is from Minster and because Ernst Father grew up there and played there may be what 25 years ago that Marcus is somehow a Minster kid or Minster property , just anojther nonsense adding nothing substantive to the convo , just trolling to disparage with a weak effort I must say .
Ok if you say so. I thought I asked legitimate questions regarding eligibility, recruiting and potentiometer expanding discipline. In my eyes, those are backed up by fact, seeing that the Coffman coach has already been suspended for recruiting.
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