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Originally Posted by KINGOFTHEJUNGLE View Post
First of all, I didn't mean to imply that you were taking shots at them so try not to be so sensitive. Secondly, I didn't need correcting from you on anything. I don't care if the combined record of the three teams Louisville has played already was 0-9 and Marlingtons was 9-0, it still is a tougher ooc schedule than Marlington has played. Third, you don't know much about high school athletics or Northeastern Buckeye Conference athletics if you think nobody rips on Louisville. Why the heck do you think that they are a year away from being a school without a conference?

They don't get ripped on, it's jealous schools who can't compete with them, they always schedule tough and that's why they do so well down the stretch, if anyone's sensitive it's you, it's obvious Louisville is a better program then marlington 9/10 years, and everyone else in the NBC
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