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Are we attempting to build for the future or are we going out every week and trying to win? IMO you can't do both. By watching I can't tell what we're doing. If your going out to win..your best 11 are on the field at all times, I don't care if your a senior or a sophomore, the best possible at every position is out there, regardless who has to go both ways. I don't really see that. If your building for the future very few go both ways, because your trying to get as many young guys out there to gain experience as possible. I don't really see that either. As an example...if we're not going to make an attempt to run the ball consistantly, why are we putting 26 on offense when we're using him on defense? Play the sophomore more and let 26 concentrate on getting to the QB. On the flip side, 68 didn't go both ways last week and we made some changes to the D-line that put a junior out there gaining experience. 68 now focuses on anchoring the o-line. Are we not making schematic changes on defense because we're teaching a hard lesson that this is our defense and come hell or high water your gonna learn it? Or is it, if we can't learn the defense we've worked on for the last two months, we have no shot at learning something new.
All I know is this is a very young team that seems lost when it comes to fundamentals, point your finger at the jimmies and joes or point your finger at the teachers, either way something has to give. This isn't Louisville football we're watching. We need to hit the reset button and come out looking like a team that's getting better, the status quo will surely chalk up another loss.
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