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Originally Posted by Spartan119 View Post
Then how? Everybody in recruiting knows this is a reality. Ask anyone in the league the 1 RB next year they don't want to face and it's wallen. And that's not even close. Name another player on brookville team without looking at the roster. They lost 20 starters last year he lead the conference in rush. I can name 8 players off franklins team that could start for any SWBL team. He's on a loaded team that are 1 divisions up on everybody they play. Caught Piqua without their stud and Edgewood without their top 3 rushers, beat a tipp team which slipped into the playoffs through the Dunbar fiasco wouldn't have got past Carlisle if Reed healthy. Yes they beat us was we hurt yes no excuses even healthy franklin was better last year. But I did say he does deserve to be recruited but for you to look at bailey and Collin and to some how say they aren't on his level is a joke. Bailey been caring brookville Montgomery plays on a great team. If he was a white kid he'd be labeled too small too slow to play RB too short for qb D2. I personally think he is a great player but I've seen a lot of great ones in the SWBL who was everything this kid is and more. Good for him. You don't think bailey or genslinger deserves attention? Same league bigger faster stronger just as productive on smaller teams. What is it then?
Montgomery was just offered from Michigan State. Best player in the SWBL in a long time.. You've tried digging Ryan forever and spewing nonsense about Colin and other current and past league greats being the better athlete. Truth is you do not and will never know more than the D 1 big boy scouts of college football know and get paid to know regardless of your ego Spartan. You have a great imagination of how these kids project at the next level. Your race card comments are beyond laughable.

Next years prediction SW POY Montgomery Buckeye Svarda

Franklin wins the southeestern league and Madison goes undefeated in conference play
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