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Wallen, Genslinger and Montgomery

Originally Posted by Spartan119 View Post
I don't think bailey is getting and real attention neither is Collin. It just shows you how messed up the process is. In my opinion Wallen is the best returning RB no question. Ryan is a great player but the bulk of his yards comes from lining up at qb whereas everyone knows when bailey touches it he's running. He's just not the right color I guess. Good for Ryan but he wasn't the RB monk was and no major programs recruited him as a RB hate to see his records fall to a slash player qb/RB/wr he can however do a lot of great things on the field. Collin the fastest player in the league and has had a good career and great season but won't get more than a D2 offer if that. It's just the way it is.
I think all three of these young men are great players and each has their own strengths and weaknesses and yes I saw all three play last year, but to say Montgomery is getting offers and the others aren't because of his skin color is laughable. He is the best play in the SWBL, HANDS DOWN, it is not even close.
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